Tami Reed is a mom to two incredible teenage boys, wife to a man who has loved her through all of her growth, and a guardian to three fur babies that have stolen the heart of their home. She is an Idaho native who grew up in a small farming community, called Cambridge. Growing up, she was 1 of 4 girls and “the boy” of the group, yet very shy, sensitive and intuitive. She often felt like she didn’t 'belong'. Life felt awkward and at just 14 years of age she was gifted with her first awakening moment, which afforded itself as the beginning of her spiritual journey within.

She is a 2002 Biology graduate from Boise State University. In 2004 after her first son was born, she created a successful Home Decor business. For many years she traveled the northwest setting up boutiques at art shows. After her career as a traveling professional artist was forced to an end in 2020, she found herself in another pivotal moment. This experience was another catalyst along her spiritual journey where she found new gifts emerge within herself. Today, through the gift of Quantum Human Design™ and The Harken Method™, she shows others how uniquely different they were designed to BE. She helps people understand their own energy and gifts as well as how to cleanse and clear their bio-fields.

Quantum Human Design™ helps us remember who we were divinely designed to be and what our energetic fingerprint is. It shows us what energies we are here to master and gift others. What energies we are here to receive so that we can live in our true essence. Where we are designed to go within so that we can have clarity of what is right or wrong for us. It helps us understand how others experience our energy and how we experience others. Human Design gifts us all that and more.

The Harken Method™ is a relaxing energy technique. It allows the body to release what has happened that created the subconscious belief patterns that no longer serve us. While balancing the energy systems within the body, so that we can create harmony with a life we truly desire. It helps you reset your nervous system so you feel safe to be you.

She is now on a mission to give people the keys to unlocking their InnerGlow and to help all of us release the shame, guilt, and fears that we have about being who we were truly designed to be. She believes when we can understand and remember who we are and the wisdom we each hold. It will help us step into and illuminate our true limitless potential.

She has a practice in Eagle, Idaho where she coaches clients 1 on 1, teaches her Quantum DreamSeeding Meditation Circles, and certifies other practitioners in her Harken Method™.

Learn where & how to access your body's consciousness

What is your Divine Energetic Fingerprint?

Transform your mind, body, and Spirit with a Balancing Session

What is your body needing to release & heal?

Ultimately become the truest version of yourself.

What are my clients saying?

What is my chart trying to tell me?

I've been studying Human Design since March of 2020. I've worked to become an expert reader after months and months of training from other experts in the Human Design field. While just about anyone (even you) could become an 'internet expert', it costs a lot of $ and takes a lot of time to truly understand your chart. I design my reading around showing you the BEST of you. The gifts you are meant to show this world. I allow my intuitive abilities to come alive during our session so I can best advise you on the tools & ways for you to be in energetic alignment.

The benefit of a reading is to save you time, money and give you a deeper insight to who YOU are. I give you direct advice to become who you have been designed to be. Whether its becoming or unbecoming, the answers are inside you. But, you need a friend. A mentor. A Projector, to truly guide you to be the BEST you, possible.

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