Mom to two incredible teenage boys, wife to a man who has loved me through all of my growth, and three fur babies that have all stolen the heart of our home. I am an Idaho native who grew up in a small farming community, called Cambridge. I grew up riding horses, raising cattle, participating in everything 4-H & FFA, hunting & fishing in the evenings with my Dad, and I spent many days daydreaming about taking over my Grandfather's ranch. I am 1 of 4 girls and “the boy” of the group, yet very shy, sensitive, and intuitive. I often felt like I didn’t 'belong'. Life felt awkward. At just 14 years of age I was gifted with my first awakening moment, which afforded itself as the beginning of my spiritual journey within.

Graduating in 2002 with a Biology degree I still believed I would go on to become a veterinarian. However, graduate school took a back seat to the desire for us to marry and start a family. Just two short years later we welcomed our first son. Being able to be a stay-at-home mom was a true gift, but I was secretly desiring more.

As my little one would sleep, I would create. It started out as a creative outlet and quickly became a thriving, successful, six figure business. During this time, we were blessed with our second son. I continued to successfully manage mom-life and solopreneurship. Traveling for long weekends to shows across the pacific north west became a way of life, but in 2020 IT WAS ALL DIVINELY SHIFTED.

Every single show for the year was canceled. And I was secretly praising the Lord. I went from having 'no time' to having 'all the time' in the world. It was exactly what I needed to rediscover who I knew I was designed to BE and to pivot my professional career. Allowing all of my abilities to be known and SEEN by others. 'COVID didn’t happen TO me, it happened FOR me'. If it wasn’t for the time I was gifted. I would have never found my voice, giving me the amazing opportunity, to showing others how to truly unlock & see their own inner light.

By using Human Design I now show others how uniquely different they were designed to be. Human Design gifts us with the ability to understand how others experience our energy. It shows us the way in which we are designed to make decisions, what lenses we were given to see our world through, and so much more that it would take hours, if not days, for me to explain everything beautiful and unique in each and every one of us. I am now on a mission to give others the key to unlocking their InnerEssence and to help all of us release the shame, guilt, and fears that we have about being who we were truly designed to be. I believe that if you know how your energy works, our Divine Energetic Fingerprint, then you’ll understand how to market your business, manifest your desires, and live more in flow with yourself and those you choose to experience this lifetime with.

Through my journey of becoming a Reiki Master I discovered I was gifted in seeing the physical and non-physical energetic blocks inside ones bio-field and reading ones light that went into their past & future. I have created a Multidimensional Energetic Balancing Method that allows my clients to understand the root of their subconscious belief patterns by testing their Autonomic Nervous System. I integrate into ones bio-field and interpret what it is my client's body is needing them to hear, release, or anchor into their field. I balance the body's energy systems so that they can create the harmony they need in their life. My Energy Sessions are a combination of modalities and energy techniques that I have learned over the years. Every Session is unique and expansive as the individual I am working on. It is as if I am sifting through their files of data that contain all the moments they have ever lived, the words that have echoed inside their minds for lifetimes, and the belief patterns or spirits that they have collected that no longer serve them. By gifting those patterns back to the light they can make room for what they do want to embody, reaching their true potential. My goal is to help them see & feel their own luminous light and for them to know that they are their own true Healer. Their body already holds the wisdom. It's a beautiful thing when you discover only You Heal YOU!

Learn where & how to access your body's consciousness

What is your Divine Energetic Fingerprint?

Transform your mind, body, and Spirit with a Balancing Session

What is your body needing to release & heal?

Ultimately become the truest version of yourself.

What are my clients saying?

What is my chart trying to tell me?

I've been studying Human Design since March of 2020. I've worked to become an expert reader after months and months of training from other experts in the Human Design field. While just about anyone (even you) could become an 'internet expert', it costs a lot of $ and takes a lot of time to truly understand your chart. I design my reading around showing you the BEST of you. The gifts you are meant to show this world. I allow my intuitive abilities to come alive during our session so I can best advise you on the tools & ways for you to be in energetic alignment.

The benefit of a reading is to save you time, money and give you a deeper insight to who YOU are. I give you direct advice to become who you have been designed to be. Whether its becoming or unbecoming, the answers are inside you. But, you need a friend. A mentor. A Projector, to truly guide you to be the BEST you, possible.

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